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Tuesday, April 3, 2018 at 2:01PM
Admin in the english journal

Yes, dear readers, we are still here and the blog is still alive!

Life got a little too busy and our ordinary-running-around-like-crazy-day-to-day-life didn't seem worth a post. We are trying our best to escape what could look like a suburban routine. However, we are sometimes just doing what a lot of families do: driving the kids around (to concerts, scouts, climbing), working too long hours, going to the movie, seeing some friends (not often enough though). We don't mow the lawn - but we clean the deck!

Did I mention hours of lesson preparation and marking for me? I was recently submerged by more than 250 copies, so focused reading stole few hours of my day.

Marking could be seen as an adventure but not exhilarating enough! So yes, we are all missing some adventure, maybe excitement, even small,  but we know it will cross our path again.

In the meantime, the river and its lights help us find some extraordinary little moments in our daily lifes where we all stop, watch, enjoy the surroundings and reflect: Life is going fast and is too busy, but, hey, life is good.

Victor came back a little taller but mostly very happy from his trip overseas. He was satisfied with his French (even learnt some new words), amazed by the snow and was very grateful to have spent quality time with his extended family. He found the weather is Paris very wet but loved the "Vieux campeur" (shop specialised in outdoor equipment).

He went skiing and loved it, even if the shoes feel really odd.

He spent few days in Swizerland and was in awe with the white, vast, alpine landscape.

Once back and before he started his new university course in Industrial Design, he went hiking for few days with some friends around Mt Barney. Nature is his element. If you want to see a huge smile, give him a hammock and a backpack.

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