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  • Merlin's voyage
    Merlin's voyage
    by Emmanuelle A Buecher-Hall

    in English

  • Le voyage de Merlin (French Edition)
    Le voyage de Merlin (French Edition)
    by Emmanuelle A Buecher-Hall

    en français

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Gregory: He is 42 and is from South Africa where he qualified as a Chartered Accountant, Technical dive instructor and sailor.  He started sailing when he was 6 years old.



Emmanuelle: She is 41 and was born in France 1000kms from the sea in Strasbourg, but her love for the sea soon took her closer. After getting her PHD in Marine Biology she went to South Africa to do a post doc, ...get married, have three kids, build a boat and sail away!!



Victor: He is 10 year old and loves diving, snorkeling and kayaking. On the boat he is an expert with Legos, Playmobiles and his Gameboy. No book will last longer than 2 days in his hands.

Ce qu'il dit: J'aime me balancer sur les drisses et voyager. J'aime rencontrer de nouveaux copains


Felix: He is 8 year old and loves diving, playing on the beach and meeting other cruisers. Colourful art is his and talking is his speciality.

Ce qu'il dit: J'aime la nature et decouvrir de nouveaux endroits ou je peux vendre des choses que je fais.


Clea: She is 4 years old and is full of energy. She loves the water, fixing things. Her strong character keeps her brothers in check.

Ce qu'elle dit: J'aime quand Papa 'tack' (=vire). J'aime les dauphins.