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    Merlin's voyage
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    Le voyage de Merlin (French Edition)
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Hawaii visit

I had a work conference in Hawaii in the middle of July. This included my first helicopter trip to Jurasik Park and a quad bike ride in the hills. 

I took a few extra days so I could scuba dive and visit Pearl Harbour. The 30m dive was on an aeroplane in crystal clear water. A great experience for the first time in Hawaii!



And in between all these activities and a work trip to Hawai and then another one to Canada for Greg (stay tuned!), we also had a happy birthday boy on board! He had to wait a little for his party which he organised today.



Colourful blocks along the walls

Victor and Clea participated in the Queensland bouldering competition yesterday. Some of the challenges they had to do were quite tricky and required good problem-solving skills. However, what amazes me the most is their determination (I wonder if this is a genetic character?!)

They ended up respectively 7th and 4th and we are waiting to see if they are both selected for the Nationals next month.


Something earthy

Clea is building her entrepreneurial skills! She initiated a project at school and formed a team with two other friends to try to have a greener school. They would like to use all the green waste to make some compost for the little veggie garden next to the school. They advertised a fundraising bake stall and proudly sold cakes two weeks ago. They raised an amazing amount of more than $600!

Today Clea and Greg went to a compost and worm farm workshop to learn all the trick and tips about composting properly. It is odd to go to such a workshop when we don’t have a garden but she came back enthusiastic and ready to continue her project.


Our World record holder

We also have our record holder on board Merlin! Felix participated with 2894 other students to the largest practical science lesson and they broke the Guiness world record! Well done!!