• Merlin's voyage
    Merlin's voyage
    by Emmanuelle A Buecher-Hall
  • Le voyage de Merlin (French Edition)
    Le voyage de Merlin (French Edition)
    by Emmanuelle A Buecher-Hall
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40h challenge

Friday morning, Victor started his 40h challenge (see few posts below). As promised he went to school without shoes (and socks).

However, for workplace health and safety reasons, he had to wear his shoes again once at school. That was only 8h of his 40h challenge.  He then continued his bare feet week-end with a smile.

With Felix, they also decided not to use furniture – which might be easier on a boat as we found that “furniture are the movable articles that are used to make a room or building suitable for living or working in, such as tables, chairs, or desks”.  Apart from three chairs, there is nothing “movable” on Merlin. The boys still did their homework sitting on the floor and Felix played his clarinet at the conservatorium standing up. To help Felix finish his challenge, we went for a walk as you don’t have any furniture in the forest.

Their 40h challenges are now finished. They still need few dollars to reach their aim but they are very happy to have helped get a family on a sustainable food path.


La photo du jour

Banana Split est de retour a Dockside depuis quelques temps. L'entraide des marins est bien connue et est la meme partout et quelque soit le marin. Felix s'est porte volontaire pour aider Antoine a devisser des dizaines de vis.

Comme Felix a commence un projet "un jour une photo", il a eu son sujet du jour tres facilement!


Garcon, un cafe s'il vous plait!

Victor nous delaisse les dimanches pour aller travailler dans une epicerie fine qui vend principalement des produits italiens et francais. Il est vraiment content de son experience de jeune employe. Il reve deja a l'argent qu'il pourra mettre de cote a la fin du mois et aux chaussons d'escalade qu'il va bientot pouvoir s'acheter. Pour le moment il passe plus de temps a la plonge mais apprend doucement a faire les thes, servir les cafes etc. (et nous les parents, on est super fiers!)



Could you help them to help?

Victor and Felix decided to participate to 40h famine, which is about giving up something special for 40h and raising money for a good cause.

Here is Victor's link. He will be giving up furniture and shoes.

Here is Felix's link. He'll be giving up chairs for nearly two days.

Thanks for clicking and giving few $.


Higher and higher

Tonight was Victor's first climbing competition. Guess what? He really enjoyed it!