• Merlin's voyage
    Merlin's voyage
    by Emmanuelle A Buecher-Hall
  • Le voyage de Merlin (French Edition)
    Le voyage de Merlin (French Edition)
    by Emmanuelle A Buecher-Hall
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OTHER ADVENTURERS: have a look and dream!

(if some of the links don't work directly, type the entire address!)

http://goodboons.blogspot.com (friends who crossed Africa in a 4X4 - ther are back to Cape Town - great photos)

http://doffwhocares.blogspot.com and http://doffewa.blogspot.com (Other generation but great friends: "the inventor and the dentist" in Africa and then South America by bike)

http://www.malucat.com (Dean friends who sailed like us and are doing it 6 months/year)

http://12pattesur2coques.blogspot.com/ (Dean friends family sailing with their 2 kids and their dog. However, they stopped)

http://www.lacasadelmarre.com/ (Ca y est, on les a rencontres! Ils ont aussi un Dean - ancienne version - et leur blog est vraiment tres sympa)

http://www.straykitty.ca (friends with kids doing like us)

http://www.bicoque.net (Les fameux copains des enfants pendant 5 mois)

And more boaty friends we met along the road:

Tyee: Tyee III http://www.sailblogs.com/member/tyee3

Puerto Seguro: http://www.sailpuertoseguro.blogspot.com

Totem: http://www.sv-totem.com

Tibao: went through Patagonia. Great photos: http://www.levoyagedetibao.com

Lista Light: real adventurers and ecologists on a 75 old wooden boat: http://www.listalight.co.uk/


http://www.womenandcruising.com/ (lots of tips and ideas from sailing women mostly in the Caribbeans - et un article des Merlins sur la vie a bord et la croisiere en famille)



http://www.defender.com/ (Great prices, service and regular US supplier of our gear)

http://www.noonsite.com/ (incontournable, plein d'infos pratiques) 

http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/ (compulsory for the weather)

http://ckdboats.blogspot.com: our wood (red alder) supplier




http://www.cned.fr (le fameux!)

http://lescoccinelles.free.fr/ (page pedagogique GS, CP et CE1)

http://www.sodebo-voile.com/ (le heros sur l'eau des garcons)

http://www.boatsafe.com/kids/ (pour les enfants par les enfants - en anglais)