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  • Merlin's voyage
    Merlin's voyage
    by Emmanuelle A Buecher-Hall

    in English

  • Le voyage de Merlin (French Edition)
    Le voyage de Merlin (French Edition)
    by Emmanuelle A Buecher-Hall

    en français

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OTHER ADVENTURERS: have a look and dream!

(if some of the links don't work directly, type the entire address!) (friends who crossed Africa in a 4X4 - ther are back to Cape Town - great photos) and (Other generation but great friends: "the inventor and the dentist" in Africa and then South America by bike) (Dean friends who sailed like us and are doing it 6 months/year) (Dean friends family sailing with their 2 kids and their dog. However, they stopped) (Ca y est, on les a rencontres! Ils ont aussi un Dean - ancienne version - et leur blog est vraiment tres sympa) (friends with kids doing like us) (Les fameux copains des enfants pendant 5 mois)

And more boaty friends we met along the road:

Tyee: Tyee III

Puerto Seguro:


Tibao: went through Patagonia. Great photos:

Lista Light: real adventurers and ecologists on a 75 old wooden boat: (lots of tips and ideas from sailing women mostly in the Caribbeans - et un article des Merlins sur la vie a bord et la croisiere en famille)


BOAT EQUIPMENT / SHOPS / INFO (Great prices, service and regular US supplier of our gear) (incontournable, plein d'infos pratiques) (compulsory for the weather) our wood (red alder) supplier


KIDS STUFF (le fameux!) (page pedagogique GS, CP et CE1) (le heros sur l'eau des garcons) (pour les enfants par les enfants - en anglais)