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News from May

Weekends pass so quickly, and so do the weeks and here we are, nearly end of May.

So much happened since the last post on the music side, the climbing side and the school side.

We had a roll of concerts. Felix playing in different bands, he had three concert in the last 10 days. All were very impressive and showed a wide range of musical abilities.

Clea had two this weekend. She also had her first national music exam and passed it with a B+. Well done!

Last weekend, Greg joined Victor and Clea in Melbourne for the climbing Nationals. Using the formula that will be used in the Olympics in 2020, the three climbing categories were represented: bouldering, lead and speed. They went around all the amazing climbing gyms Melbourne has to offer and they tried their best. They had lots of fun competing and cheering their club friends as well as their QLD team members. They both improved compared to last year. Clea surprise everybody in speed. Every run she was qualifying for the next one and ended up 2nd! Her first big medal and lots of pride and joy to share.

Felix finished his sunflower project. Every year there is a big State sunflower competition, which starts early March where many schools participate as it gives the students a great opportunity to think about experimental designs and how to use scientific data. Felix had three seeds to start with. While some students choose to have the biggest, nicest flower, Felix’s aim was to have the tallest sunflower stem. He did some research to try to have the best protocol. 54 days later we had 2 great sunflowers welcoming us at the end of our dock (the third seed never worked).

Felix’s report was selected to represent his school against the other schools. The project ended just when the weather turned. The sunflowers are already showing us that they don’t enjoy autumn too much. Nights are much colder, duvets are out and the sun is only picking out after 6:15am.

The rugby field seems to just wake up just when I arrive at school (Am I arriving too early?)

To Clea’s joy, we are also having regular visits of Lilly, our neighbour’s cat. She wanders around and spends more time on Merlin than her own boat. I must confess that we all like being surprised by this soft visitor.

She is even trying to be helpfull when I am doing some marking!

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