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Shower time!

Spa time for Merlin:

- high pressure freshwater shower,

- scrubbing / deep clean

- mask / new paint

While Merlin is having a special time, we are camping on board, without the benefits of camping.

So no water but also no clear sky, but strong spot lights from the yard which are on all night, no birds singing, but a cacophony of tools from 6am.

We also have quite an intriguing inclinaison. Victor calculated that it was only 3 degres. However, it feels much more.

This time, we also have very diverse neighbours:

A fast looking foldable catamaran

An 100ft ++ luxury power boat. 8 guys were polishing the hull yesterday and I was very envious of the result. But their rate is just not in my budget!

A city cat, one of the "floating bus" going up and down the Brisbane river

Black Jack, a maxi racing yacht that finished 3rd at the last Sydney-Hobart

An even a submarine!

After the 1st coat of antifoulling, Merlin looks already much better.

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