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    Merlin's voyage
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A great day

We have had a great day today. Everyone is feeling better and we had a fast day with the spinnaker this afternoon. We have currently got 30 knots from the south and large sea so we only have a small jib and three reefs. With this little sail we are still doing 7.5 knots.

Our current position is 30deg 43.76'S and 10deg 04.43'E, which means that we have done 442NM so far.


Watermaker scare

We are having a good time so far, dispite the few "mal de mer". We are making good progress with a normal speed of 8 knots. We have 2 reefs and a full genoa at the moment and have a good Southerly wind, long may it last!

A valve on the watermaker failed which filled up one of the bigles. This was quite a scare for us, but we were easily able to clear it and replace the valve.

Our AIS system and autohelm is working very well and is making sailing the boat a real pleasure.

Our current position is 32deg 15,9'S and 14deg 08,75'E.


Gregory and family



Hello every body!

We are getting ready ...nearly there! We are planning to set sail in few days...

First stop: St Helena!!!

Stay in touch. We'll be very happy to have some of your news regularly.

We'll try to keep posted as often as possible

All the best,

Merlin's crew: Gregory, Emmanuelle, Victor, Felix, Clea and Anne-Dominique

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