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    Merlin's voyage
    by Emmanuelle A Buecher-Hall

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    Le voyage de Merlin (French Edition)
    by Emmanuelle A Buecher-Hall

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Quick sailing trip

Greg was asked if he could deliver a boat to Lady Musgrave (officially the Southern limit of the Great Barrier Reef). As he couldn't say no, off he went, tacking to avoid the East Australian current, stocking some vitamin Sea and slowly making his way North. Only 2 days later, he enjoyed his quick stop at Lady Musgrave, swam with some manta rays and turtles in a really clear blue water.

Coming back, one of the 1st comment he made was that sailing flat and having lots of space was so really appreciated.


Saison des auditions

Au mois d'octobre, Felix et Clea auditionent pour connaitre leur place dans leur orchestre respectif (a l'ecole, Conservatoire ou au Quensland Youth Orchestra). Cela fait 2 ans que Felix ausitionne aussi pour avoir un permis pour pouvoir faire la manche a South Bank, lieu tres prise des touristes. Cette annee Clea a egalement essaye.

Comme ils ont tous les deux eu leur permis, nos week ends vont etre bien musicaux.


Nouvelle chaine

Il faut etre ingenieux pour porter 75m de chaine du parking jusqu'a chez Merlin (environ 700m). Il y a eu des regards amuses sur mes 3 hommes du bord lors de leur livraison particuliere.


Sport award

During a fancy breakfast at the convention celebrating women in sport in Queensland, Clea received a highly commended award for her great results in climbing. She had the honor to have a quick chat with Lucy Stirling, one of the top Australian female climber.

She left with a big smile and a special signature on her harness!

Clea, with Lucky Patterson (a paraolympic gold medalist), Kate McCarthy (an AFL player), Lucy Stirling and her Rocksport team!


Long over-due sail 

Our weekends have been just too busy with some climbing, music, and unfortunately work. Most of the time, we can’t even blame an uncooperative weather for not going sailing. However this weekend had the right tides/winds and weather so we missed the amazing fireworks that we usually go to to shake Merlin’s sails again. For the 1st time while crossing Moreton Bay, we saw some whales. A mother and her calf were swimming leisurely only 100m from Merlin.

Quiet time on board, playing lots of games, eating “crepes”, reading and just relaxing …between some hull-cleaning too for Greg.

The long weekend was aborted due to bad weather coming up: strong winds (30knt) and heavy rains. As the bay can be very choppy with strong winds, we decided to head back to Brisbane only to encounter some happy dolphins.

It was really nice being anchored again, watcing together a nice sunset and a peaceful starry sky. 

Back at the dock waiting for some (also overdue) rain