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    Merlin's voyage
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    Le voyage de Merlin (French Edition)
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Retour a nos traditions

Debbie est repartie en emportant quelques degres. Depuis il ne fait plus que 25 et nous apprecions pleinement ce changement. Du coup, pour la 1ere fois de l'annee, nous avons repris notre tradition des crepes du dimanche soir.

Un vrai regal!


And then Debbie arrived

Tuesday evening, Debbie, a category 4 cyclone, hit north Queensland, wreaking havoc inland and in the Whitsundays, like Hamilton island. Thousands of people evacuated before Debbie landed but the destructive winds and impressively strong rain destroyed infrastructure, houses and boats.

Debbie then went for a little wet ride south.

Even if it lost much of its wind power the conjunction of the ex-cyclone with a low pressure system that was coming from the South created a real deluge that lasted nearly 1 day but swept the South East of Queensland as well as the North, leaving again thousands of people without a home. Some towns got 900mm of rain in just 48 hours! Schools were closed for two days and people were urged to be very careful.  More than 1 million square kilometres are inundated and the Eastern side of Australia is now busy recovering but most of all cleaning.

On Merlin, we were fine, checking carefully the river level and keeping an eye on the wind gusts.

Today, we have some blue sky again, but the river is dark brown, reminding us too well the power of Mother Nature.


Old friends

Since we left South Africa, we’ve had visits from old friends from Strasbourg and Cape Town, proving that the world is not as big as we think but also showing us that friendship can last few decades. David Hibberd is an old sailing friend of the Halls and is now cruising the world with his family. It was nice to have them all on board last Saturday, share some Pacific cruising stories and revive many exotic names. The kids connected really quickly, as cruising kids do.

To experience some inland experience, we took them today for a little walk at Mount Coo-Tha. After the drenching rain we had, the waterfalls were enchanting and noisy, quite a change from the landscape we know.


New battery pack

Two weeks ago we started having a lot of rain, enough for some mushrooms to grow full size overnight.

Lots of rain and still 30°C were perfect conditions to give us the impression to permanently be in a sauna. However, we needed some rain as January and February were not only hotter than normal but also drier. After three really wet days, the weather cleared. The river, very still, was only reflecting sporadic clouds and offering us great breakfast views.

Greg thought it was the perfect weather to do a little maintenance like replacing our 8 year old batteries. They were still working fine but this is the kind of work you prefer to do before you really need it. To be able to fit these 8 new Mastervolt batteries, that, of course, have a different shape and size than our previous ones, Greg had to measure very carefully the battery locker and think of the best fit. After few long hours of fiddling and trying few options, in a very "yogastic position", he solved his puzzle and is now very proud of his new set up. Everything fits just perfectly. Really worth the effort!


Two more medals

Clea and Victor participated today in the Queensland lead climbing competition. They've trained really hard these last two months, going climbing at least 4 times a week. It was a long, hot and humid day at the climbing gym but what an amazing day. Clea surprised everybody by finishing first in her category, showing us her most beautiful smile but also all her great progress since she started a year ago.

Victor is competiting in a very competitive and tough group where few peers went to the worlds. However, he tried his best and did us proud too by finishing 3rd.

Well done salty monkeys!