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    Merlin's voyage
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    Le voyage de Merlin (French Edition)
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Ca croustille et ca fait des miettes

Depuis un mois un second boulanger s’est installe a la marina et au grand Bonheur de tous, il est francais et fait du pain francais. Nous avons donc servi de cobayes avant l'ouverture de la boulangerie, a gouter baguettes crouistillantes mais tendre a l'interieur, pain au levain et bons croissants feuilletes qui se laissent "eplucher" doucement. ne manque plus que du bon fromage!


Camp a Canberra

La tradition australienne veut que les enfants en derniere annee d’ecole primaire aillent visiter la capitale du pays. Apres Victor et Felix, c’etait donc au tour de Clea de partir en camp a Canberra pour 4 jours. Les visites sont toujours tres educatives et citoyennes: Parlement australien, visites du muse des Sciences (Questacon), du muse de la guerre, muse national etc.

Clea est revenue bien sur epuisee (et malade), mais enchantee, non seulement par le camp en soi mais ausssi par toutes ses propres decouvertes.


Our new official drone pilot 

During Science Week I had the opportunity to take Clea to fly a drone. There was an obstacle course that we had to fly around. She was really impressive ad succeeded at her 1st attempts. I needed more trials but we had fun … She has now her drone pilot certificate, and we just need a drone!


Queensland Boulder Festival 2017

Clea and Victor were really keen to compete again as their last competition was in May.  The annual Boulder Festival is always a fun way to track your progress. There were plenty challenging climbs and they both really improve compared to last year. Clea finished 1st and Victor 6th.

(Victor didn't want us to encourage him to much so we stayed discret and didn't take too many photos)


Lego League (Worlds)

As soon as we came back from Bermuda (it was literaly 6 hours later), Felix flew to Sydney to compete to the Lego League Worlds. 

Here is the article he wrote for his school magazine

First Lego League(FLL) 2016/2017. It has been quite a journey. It began roughly a year ago with 5 students who responded to a very brief message in the school notices. This ended up making those 5 students best friends, have a grasp and wide knowledge on robotics, programming, app development and most importantly, how to be a better person. FLL is a annual international competition, which requires teams of 2-10 people to demonstrate three skills. Firstly, teams must design, build and program a Lego EV3 Mindstorms robot to perform a variety of missions on a board in just two and a half minutes. Everything from the motors to the wheels to the robot must be made out of Lego, which at times became a challenge when we built complex contraptions to autonomously complete missions. The second component is creating a solution to a world/national problem which relates to the theme of that season.

For example, this year the theme was Animal Allies, and we created an mobile-app; SwoopAlert!, which is available for download on Google Play and soon on the App Store. The third component is the Core Values. Core values is known as the demonstration of good human values, such as good teamwork, immense enthusiasm and friendly competition. As our team progressed through to the Regionals, then Nationals and then Internationals, it was so amazing to see such amazing robot designs and experience the culture of other countries while still in friendly competition. First Lego League is one of the few competitions in which you learn a lot more than you would imagine to. We encourage as many people to do FLL this season - it will be an awesome experience!